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Hi All! You must be a bit weird like me, I click on About Me pages, too.


I’ve recently taken a new job, and I’m still getting a feel for it. I’m a Senior Network Engineer at Disney - Motion Picture Production. You’ve probably seen some stuff that was enabled by my department, maybe.

So far I’m doing a lot of design (keep in mind that I actually enjoy working in Visio), documentation writing, and tool creation. I can’t share most of my tools, unfortunately, but I am adding a few helper bits to my GitHub gists. Actually kinda worth checking out, even has the lazy function to editing this website.


Professionally, I build, manage, and troubleshoot networks. I’ve worked on all sorts of networks over the past twenty years, and most recently I worked on the Sohonet Media Network that interconnects most of the top film and media companies in the world. We light a lot of fiber and I did a lot of BGP and MPLS to make everything do the thing.

I’ve got experience with all the normal stuff you’d expect for routing protocols and vendors. Keyword stuffing: MPLS, BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, EIGRP, Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, etc. I’ve also poked and prodded at BGP peerings with people you’ve heard of, Google, Amazon, Apple, NTT, Zayo, Vocus and more. End keywords. :-)


Personally, I have a million-and-one hobbies. I try to keep it just to a few at a time, and right now I’m doing cycling and embedded electronics. I’m hoping I’ll remember to share things on GitHub… and complete a project (it’s hard, have to get to the next hobby soon!). I mostly stick into the digital realm, but I’ve got a couple of vacuum tube projects going but they are on the back burner to Micropython on ESP32 chips which is just loads of fun.

Cisco Certified, International Award Winning Photographer

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PS: My wife is an amazing person and teacher and supports me in everything I do.