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Welcome to the new site

Not sure what will go here yet. Maybe something. I've mostly just missed having something at this domain.

I do have a couple of posts up as well as a couple of partly completed projects. Links are in the header.

Most Recent Post:

CCDE Written - First Try

Lots of people seem to do these blog posts, I think mostly to decompress after an exam. I definitely feel that need right now. In this post I’ll give the some of the thought process going in, as well as what prep I did (or did not as you might see) before taking the test.

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Most Recent Project:

Keybase - Identity Verification and Encrypted Communications for the Masses

Categories: instant messaging crypto security fileshare

How do you know that that person you need to message on Slack, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. is who they say they are? How do you know who is sending you that file and if you should trust them? How do you guarantee that the message you send is not being intercepted in transit?

By meeting in a dark alley, exchanging information that only you and the other person know, then tatooing their public key on your arm and manually typing it in to a computer that has never touched the internet, and then passing the messages onto this computer, signing (and potentially encrypting) them, and then passing them back to the internet using the IPoAC protocol.

Er, yeah, no. Well, if you have something that is that important, you know you do, and are already doing some variation of the above. If you need to get such messages to or from me, I guess you can check out my Public Key Page and we can arrange something.

For everyone else, there’s - Crypto for everyone!.

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