First Post!

This is definitely a first post. has had a lot of first posts since it was first registered in 1995. Most of the content hasn’t followed it between iterations, and today none of the original content is left. The old sites were all static hand-typed html, then migrated to mostly html but with Perl CGI, photo galleries, etc. The first reference I see online is from 2002 and includes a link to the “old site (photos)” which includes stuff like this:
JMac At Jefferson Airport

Today’s site is built by Jekyll on GithubPages. Going back to static pages is fast, and a cool circle back to the old sites but with the new ammenities of inhreitence, layouts, etc.

It’s definitely going to be a work in progress, and my personal site always gets neglected, but I’m having a great time building it as I always have.

About John

This is my website, so you'll see this on most posts. This is also a really awkward photo of me I took a couple of years ago when I thought I needed a more professional profile photo. If you'd like to know more I have an About Me section. I think it's funny.